I2C OCX Control Hints and Tips

Welcome to the I²C ActiveX control web pages.

These pages will be updated to add hints and tips on how to implement I²C functionality using the the I²C Control OCX.

1. Cannot Install USB I²C Device

There is an issue on some PCs that causes the 'Mass Storage Device' mode to exit immediately before the AutoRun install has completed.  This may be caused by third-party software interrogating the files on the Mass Storage Device and triggering the change back to I²C Device mechanism.

The driver can also be manually installed, by downloading and running this Driver Install software. Once run re-connect the I²C Device and follow the instructions as if the AutoRun had completed sucessfully.

2. Slave Emulation Address Error (SDK version 2.0)

During Slave Emulation the Slave Event is called on three occurrences:
i.  The Master has Transmit Data to the Slave
ii. The Master is Requesting Data
iii. Data has been Sent to the Master

To distinguish between case i and iii the Address is used, Even case i, Odd case iii.
In the SDK version 2.0 the Address is always Even.

The Address can be read using the Input property, the first byte of this will be the actual I²C Address (Even for Master Tx and, Odd for Master Request).

If you require help or clarification on how to use the I²C Control then please email hints@avitresearch.co.uk.


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